Friday, April 18, 2014

As time goes on, my perceptions increase.. and I realize something..

This is an addendum to the well-detailed explanation, and this addendum will serve as great assistance to the understanding of the complex, Babylonic confusion which is why I didn't "go out with Liz".

When Liz asked my friend, Aaron, to tell me, that she wanted to go out with me, because Liz was too shy to do it herself, I thought, "Well, if she is too shy to ask me herself, then I won't go out with her".

Now there are detailed explanations to how I prove that psychiatric medicine gave me that faulty reasoning, as Anti-Depressants are well-known and well-documented to cause suicide, well, suicide means self-loathing, self-hate.

 Since that is such a case, what this means:
 One would infer that I was "Rejecting" Liz and not going out with her. But it is more clear, in a deeper understanding of the situation, that I was "Rejecting Myself". Because of the self-hatred that comes from psychiatric drugs as a result of side-effects, I was "Rejecting Myself", in not allowing myself to be loved by others, in not loving myself, I was not allowing others to love me.

 So, in conclusion, I wasn't rejecting Liz, but rejecting myself, in the long, strange, confusing and demonically arcane ordeal that is psychiatric pill abuse.

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