Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mental Health test indicates that shrink was trying to prevent me from going out with Liz.

   After watching thousands of spy shows from the 60s like The Man from UNCLE, the Girl from Uncle, The Avengers, Get Smart!, etc, as well as recent ones like Alias, my obsession with spy films stems from being a martial artist with a study of self-defense, that martial arts isn't just enough to defend oneself, espionage is necessary.

   Finally, after watching a spy film, I realized it. As I do know there is a Neo-Nazi group in Tulsa, The Roman Liberation Front, KKK, etc, I realized that a Neo-Nazi group was using psychiatry as a front and cover for their mental attacks on minorities. Already I had determined that the side-effects of psychiatric medicine is responsible enough for my "not going out witih Liz" but there is even more.

  I remember, in the mental health ward, they gave me a test, and did not give me reasons for the test. They handed me a pile of pictures, of men and women. They told me to say "yes" or "no". So as I went through the pile of pictures, I said yes and no randomly, with no thought of attraction or anything of the sort. I simply picked this out at random. This test was for them to determine if they could get me to say "no" to girls and 'yes' to men. This is exactly the test to determine if they are successful at getting me to 'say' no  to 'Going out on a date with Liz". This is exactly what they were trying to do. They brainwashed me and used unknown pharmaceuticals on me. This test that I experienced, indicates precisely that they were trying to 'loveblock' me and 'romanceblock' me. That they were deliberately trying to sabotage my relationships. Already it is determined that psychiatric prescriptions cause lack of relationships, but this test shows that they were doing it on purpose.

  So, what is to be done? The damage is done. I cannot go back in time and go out on a date with Liz. She will not forgive me. Girls do not forgive these things. I do not know how to heal and to find love in my life before it is over. Time has passed so long. It has been 23 years since Liz wanted to go out on a date with me and I said no. I have been self-sabotaging myself and destroying myself since I took the prescription psychiatric pills, and now I have been trying to heal myself and redeem myself and take back what was 'sabotaged' from me, 17 years since I have taken the pills and it has been a war. A cold war and a battle.

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