Saturday, June 7, 2014


Thank you Liz
for wanting to go out with a deaf retard like me. It must take a lot of courage and strength for a girl to go out with a retarded deaf guy like me. Sure I had youthful good looks, but I had a voice inflection that girls don't like and deafness that girls don't like.

So, I wanted to go out with you too. But, because my psychiatrist wanted to 'cockblock' me and prevent me from gettnig laid, he used the "Ludovico Technique Pill" on me to prevent me from acting out in ways that ges me laid.

It is very, very, very, very, very hard for me to get laid. Ive never had a girlfriend or hve been loved.

Ive been very miserable and almost jumped to my death at Youmacon in Detroit in front of thousands of Cosplayers, because I was so miserable and embarassed that my major was video art instead of anime, and that I wanted to die if I didn't have a cosplaying girlfriend. The thought of not getting laid with a cosplay girl was too much for me to bear that I wanted to jump to my death in front of everyone..

so in order to prevent myself from commiting suicide, I had to leave the con early and not attend the cosplay rave.

it was very sad and I was weeping and crying.

My life sucks.

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